1863-02-16Newport News, Va.
Newsport News, Va.

Feb. 16th 1863

Dear Parents

This evening finds me trying to answer your most welcome letter of the 3rd inst which I have just read containing the receipt of that box. There were several boxes for our Co that came up this evening but ours did not come but probably ours will not be long behind. There were several boxes started from Addison about the same time that have not got through yet but they will come next time. I have written to you concerning the other box. You kneed not send it until I write for it. The boots you can keep and send when I want them. I have a good pair now. I do not intend to draw any more US shoes unless I get in a cramp. I think I can save myself to wear boots better than to pay $2.05 for poor shoes not worth half the money.

We left our camp before Fredericksburg on the 10th ult and arrived here the 13th and have just got us a nice little home built that many a poor fellow might covet. The Col gave us the praise of being the most industrious and having the nicest tent in the Regt. Nearly all of the 9th Corps are here. How long we shall remain here is uncertain but probably we shall stay here another month or more. There is no news of importance or of interest to communicate. I have nothing of interest to write so it will take you less time to read it. I should indeed like to make one of that company you spoke of but I shall not very soon. Capt Hills returned today from home. He says he had a good visit and would like to give you a pleasant surprise but think that will not be very soon.

When you do send that box please get me a bottle of good Arnsey linament and send in the box. I guess if I think awhile longer the box will not contain a very small sum. Tell Ella I will answer her letter as soon as possible. If you have not sent those buckskin gloves you kneed not have them made, for winter is about over and I shall not kneed them. If you write please write as soon as possible. My respects and love to yourselves and a kiss for Ella so good night from

your ever Affectionate Son.

J.D. Strait Direct to Newport News, Va.