1863-01-11Camp opposite Fredericksburg, Va.
Camp opposite Fredericksburg, Va.

Jan. 11th 1863

Dear Parents

This pleasant Sabbath finds me trying to answer your most welcome letter of the 29th last year. I have written to you twice this year and have rec'd but one letter but it seems our mails have been irregular for the past two or three weeks but I am in hopes they will be more regular after this. I have nothing of importance to write or anything of interest. There is nothing of excitement on either side of the river as far as we can see, all quiet along the Rappahannock. The papers are still blowing about the Soldiers being anxious for the advance that is all a humbug for I don't believe there are 20 out of 100 that are anxious to go into a fight but if we are called into a fight we will do the best we can for Johnny Reb by way of powder and ball but dinner is ready and I must stop long enough to eat. How l would like to be up home to take dinner with you. Well after dinner and I am here at my writing. We had a very good meal of vegetable soup which if cooked right is very good but not like home for where all is under the supervision of a good Mother's eye but I have little to write this time therefore it will take the less time to read it. If you have not sold your butter yet I should go to Addison with it. I would like to have you put up a small box of things and send to me. You can send an express box from there. I am getting so tired of nothing but army rations and all we get here costs so much. Butter 65 cents lb. and cheese 40 to 50. Other things in accordance and scarce at that. I would not send for a box but express boxes are coming through now and a little butter and cheese would go good. Send a bill of the things and I will pay all charges and if you can get a dozen pairs of suspenders put them in. Uncle Normans regiment is about 4 miles from here. I have not heard from him lately but I must close for l do not feel much like writing today. Please excuse mistakes and write as often as usual. My respects to all. From your Affectionate Son.

J.D. Strait