1862-11-28Camp near Fredericksburg
Camp near Fredericksburg, Va

Nov. 28th 1862

Dear Parents

This pleasant forenoon finds me again trying or rather scribbling a few lines to you. Rec'd your most welcome letter Monday and was glad to hear from you but I shall be obliged to postpone this for the orderly just came to my tent and says I must report for guard so I will finish this the first opportunity and good by for now.


Dear Parents

I am again seated for the purpose of trying to write a few more lines to you. I was called out on duty as I told you before. I had to go to Bull Plains with the forage train and did not get back until last evening so did not get a chance to write until now. I found another letter from you waiting for me last night and was sure glad to hear from you as I always am. Being off on duty I did not write as many letters as I should but now I have to leave to go to meeting. I always like to go to meeting but here it is a tedious job to listen to such a preacher as we have. I had rather read my Bible and if you were here you would not blame me for thinking so either but I suppose I shall have to go but don't intend to unless obliged to so I will keep on writing till the Capt calls me. There is no news of much importance at present. The Rebels are fortifying as fast as possible on the opposite side of the river. It seems by the appearance of things they intend giving us an opportunity to fight them but whether we shall meet them this fall I do not know but hope this affair will be settled by spring at least. I don't care how just so that we get out of the service honorably. I do not know but a compromise is just as honorable as to fight two or three years and kill off 50 to a 100,000 more men and then compromise. I think they will for I am satisfied that we can never entirely subdue the South by fighting but I have got to go meeting. Well meeting is over and I will try to finish this letter. There is some prospect of our getting back to Acquia Creek to Falmouth. I am in hopes we shall get back to Acquia Creek this winter. The RR is again in operation from Acquia Creek to Falmouth. I am in hopes we shall get back to the Creek again for it is the best place we have been in yet. I was in hopes there would be a chance for us to get home this winter on furlow but there is no prospect just yet though I do not know what may turn up before spring. Uncle Norm is at or near Brooks station on the RR where part of our Regt were last August. I should have gone down to see him yesterday but was off on duty. I shall go tomorrow if I can get a pass. You spoke in your last letter of our appreciating each others society. I think I shall know how to appreciate home and its privileges at least.

You did say how you liked Phil's appearance. I hope he will move up there if he is a good steady fellow. I think that lot very cheap at $3.00 per acre. I would not mind owning it myself if I were at home but I have written enough for the present. Please write as often as convenient and let me know how you get along and what you think of my getting that money I wrote to you about. I can get it, I think, if you say so. Give my respects to all and my Love to you both from your Affectionate Son.

J .D. Strait

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