1862-11-11Camp near the head waters of the White Oak River, Va.
Camp near the head waters of the White Oak River, Va.

Nov. 11 1862

Dear Parents

This pleasant morning I am again trying to write a fiew lines to you. I rec'd a letter from you yesterday and I was glad to hear from you and hear that you were well. Your letter found me enjoying good health but pretty short of rations. We have had but 1 hard cracker issued to us for the last 48 hours but I think the train has arrived with provisions for the Co, just in time for the Co to draw their rations. If we do not get something to eat besides salt pork there will be a turn in officers either for the better or worse. This war, which we supposed to be to sustain our nation, is nothing but a political war with speculations filling the pockets of politicians and mercenary hordes that throng the Capitol and Halls of Legislature. It would have been a good thing for the Nation had the Rebels taken the Capitol on the start. It would have got waked up to a realization of what they had to do and measures been taken to suppress it sooner, and more effectual than it ever will be now or can be. Unless matters take a different turn the Confederacy will eventually gain their independence but what I can try to do, will not make one hair white or black but one must give vent to his feelings once in a while. I can write but half what I would like to for most oft it is near bed time. l wish I were home to enjoy one night's repose and eat some good mush. I spoke to you about sending me those boots. You need not send them until we get settled if they can be sent at all. I spoke in my last letter of sending money and getting some of one of the boys. You can do as you think best. If you think it will pay I will get it for you when we get pay if ever that comes. My respects to all. Write often as eonvenient and I will do the same. The boys are well as usual except John Beach. He is complaining some. You did not say how your wheat turned out but I hope it is good. Good night and pleasant dreams. This from Your Affectionate Son.

J.D. Strait

Ethan and Julania Strait

Direct as usual