1862-09-04Acquia Creek, Va.
Acquia Creek, Va.

Sept. 4th 1862

Dear Parents

It is with pleasure that I now attempt to write a fiew lines to you. We have just returned from tour on picket of 4 days. We went out on Sunday afternoon with only one days rations expecting to return the next day but we were kept out from camp 4 days but we went to where the Regt was encamped and drew something to eat. I should have written to you before but you see we had no chance of writing. Well I have just finished our sumptuous meal of dry crackers and potatoes. Our men have left Fredricksburg and burned the bridge and destroyed the foundry but I have just rec'd two old letters of August 8 and 9 both directed to Newport News but I will stop writing long enough to read them. I have just read your letters but though they are old they are new to me and how gladly I open your letters and read them. For the last 7 days there has been hard fighting and how much longer I will last I don't know but our men are evacuating all this part of the state but I hardly think we shall leave this place yet. The Regt have all left their camp above here and came down here with us but I have but little more to write today. The last news we had from the battle field our men had fallen back to the town of Centerville where they held their ground against Jackson but how much longer this unholy war will last I know not but I hope not long. Since I wrote you last I have had letters from Addison and today one from Cousin Ella. She says her Father has gone to the land of Dixie but I think he will not have to go as far as the land of Dixie. ( ?? ) and Ed Wright have gone and Mack. They went as far as the Village but they would not except them. Uncle John and Inn talk of going but I have not heard as they have gone yet but I guess I have written enough. My hand is very unsteady therefore you must excuse my poor writing for the present for I have been chopping this forenoon. Give my love to all enquiring friends. Tell John to be a good boy when I get home we will have some gay old times fishing and hunting together.

This from your Affectionate Son.

J .D. Strait

Ethan and Julania Strait