1862-08-27Acquia Creek, Va.
Acquia Creek, Va.

August 27th I862

Dear Parents

This pleasant evening finds me engaged once more in trying to answer your most welcome letter of the 17th for which I have so long looked and it was indeed most welcome for it is the first letter 1 have had since the 19th of July. Those two papers you spoke of sending me have not arrived yet. I have rec'd but 2 or 3 papers from home this summer. I do not see the reason of my mail being miscarried and delayed so much. The rest of the boys get their news from home twice as often as I do but I am always glad to get one once in awhile though I would like them more often. I do not know as you get my letters but I write every week and sometimes twice a week. I have but little news though it may be interesting to you to know a little of what is going on down here now. The most of Genl McClellans army has passed through this place. Some of them are here now. Genl Summers Division is leaving for Alexandria by water. They were to go by RR to Fredericksburg but the order is countermanded. There is certainly something of importance going on down here. Some say the Rebels are about Manassas and marching direct for Washington but that I think a hoax. Pope has fallen back some 30 miles and the Rebels have possession of the Rappahannock River but old Stonewall has McClellan and Burnside and Pope to contend with before he gets into the Capital. I think a fiew more weeks will decide which party is going to be victorious for both armies are concentrating their whole force at one point and will meet soon unless Jackson retreats which I do not think he will for the reason that all the forces of the South are on the move to reenforce him. Genl McLellan left here last evening for Washington or Alexandria. The Genl is a noble looking man and is beloved by all of his men. I cannot see what the people of the North are thinking of in blaming him for our defeat. I do not think there is another Genl in the U.S. could have performed the same feat with as little loss of life on our side but I have said enough of this. You wished to know what I thought of getting home. I would like it as much as you would like to have me but how soon we shall be discharged is uncertain. I can hardly think we shall get home before another year but I may be mistaken and would be happy thus to be deceived but no danger of any such good luck. I would like to be up there to help the work along though I fear that I should be a poor hand for a fiew weeks though I guess I should get hardened to work after a while. I am sorry to hear that Mother is not well. I hope there is nothing serious the matter with her. When I know you are both enjoying good health I am more content than when I do not know whether you are living or dead but I hope we shall all live to see each other and enjoy many a happy day in each others society, I trust by the grace and goodness of God we shall see that happy hour. If not may we meet in a better land where day eternal reigns but my sheet is full and I must bid you good night soon. The boys from home are usually well. Some are complaining a little but nothing serious I think. Please write as soon and often as you can.

Direct as usual to Acquia Creek, Va.

your Affectionate Son.

J.D. Strait