1862-08-13Acquia Creek, Va.
Acquia Creek, Va.

August 13th 1862

Dear Mother

Your kind and welcome letter of July 28th came to hand today. It is the first I have received from home since we left Newport with the exception of those I read on board the vessel just as we started from the above place and they came from Port Royal, S.C., consequently were of old dates. It is needless for me to tell you that I was glad to receive a letter from home and to hear how you are all getting along. You wanted to know if I would like to be at home. I think I would but I guess I would be discontented after awhile if the war should continue, though sometimes I almost think if I was out of service I would not enter it under any considerations but then when I see what a condition our country is in I hardly know what we shall come to yet, but we can do nothing but trust in God and fight when called upon by our leaders. Last Saturday there was a fight at Culpepper Court House between Pope and Stonewall Jackson but how they made out I know not and therefore cannot give you the particulars.

All the troops that could be spared in SC have been shipped to this place and sent forward in the cars to Fredericksburg and Falmouth. There has not a day passed but that some more or less troop either new recruits or some from Burnside division or few McClellans division to Burnside. We belong to Burnsides division.

Well, Mother, since I commenced writing I was called to go help drop troop returns and then went to see if I could find any one there I knew in the 1st NY Cavalry that are landing and behold who should I find but Asle Aldrige from Addison and Henry Baxter, Seths brother is in the same Regt. It does one good to meet with an old friend so far away. We are looking for the 6th Regt for James Cole and Deb Vermilyea. They are coming this way. You spoke of not hearing from Addison. I hear from some of them nearly as often as I hear from home. You spoke of Father's coming to war. I think he can do more good at home where he ought to stay, than to come here, but I spoke my mind in a letter written a day or two ago so if you get it you will know what I think of the matter. I am in hope that I shall live to get home and I hope this war will end this fall then I will help enjoy that fruit I see you were talking about. We have plenty of green applesauce here and today I had some green corn for my dinner. We have very pleasant times down here when lying in Camp and not much to do but here we have to stand guard every 3rd and 4th night but that we are used to but my sheet is most filled so good by until next time.

your ever Affectionate Son.

J.D. Strait

PS. Direct to Acquia Creek, Va. Give my respects to all enquiring friends if any there be and be sure to not let Father come into the Army: Oh yes, I would like a piece of jerked venison. Save a bit until I come and I think it will relish well don't you, but never mind this war will not last always but good night and pleasant dreams. I often dream of home and what good times there but wake to find it all a delusion.

Good by your Soldier boy


Write often and long letters.