1862-07-17At the Storeroom Hilton Head SC
At the Storeroom

Hilton Head SC

July 17th 1862

Dear Parents

This evening 11 oclock finds me again trying to write a fiew lines for your perusual and to let you know how I am getting along. I am well as usual and still enjoying myself as well as the circumstances will admit. Good news came in from Richmond this afternoon though how true it is I cannot say but the news came through that McClellan had taken the City and was advancing for the South. Our Regt is ordered North and is now lying at the wharf or are on board the boat. I have not had time to go down to see them and I do not know whether I am to go with them or stay where I am and it matters little which I do, go or stay or go. I have a very good place where I am. We drew our pay the other day and I have sent you $15 to Sherwood the same as it was sent before. I have not sent so much this time, I thought I should keep a little more this time. I have not much news to write, or not any as far as that is concerned. There is nothing going on down here of importance. I read two letters from home that last mail or the last except one. I hardly know what to write. The end I fear is a good way off yet. I hardly think I shall get home very soon to stay. I would want to go North by all means but I think if we join McClellan's Army we shall have harder times than we have had yet. Well you must excuse the brevity of this and you must not be alarmed if you should not happen to hear from me very soon for if I go with the Regt I may not have a chance to write again very soon. Give my respects to all enquiring friends if any there be and reserve the greater share for yourselves. You may direct your letters as usual until you hear from me again which will not be long for I shall let you know as soon as possible where I am and what is going on. Please write often and long letters as you can conveniently and as it is late I will bid you good by for the present.

This from your ever Affectionate Son.

J .D. Strait

To my most beloved parents

Ethan and Julania Strait