1861-10-18Camp Courtin
Camp Curtin Oct. 18, 1861

Dear Parents,

It is with pleasure that I now attempt to write to you. We arrived here safe and sound and the boys seem to be very well suited with their situation. I have found the camp looking quite homelike. The boys were looking quite comfortable. We arrive in camp Thursday morning about 3 o'clock. The prospects are fair for leaving Camp Curtin in Colonel Welch's Regiment for Kentucky or Missouri. I do not know which place will be our destination. We are going down to the city this afternoon to be mustered into service so that we can draw our arms. I hope that we shall not be turned off with the old muskets though I suppose we shall have to submit now that we are fast. I am very glad that we are going to join Colonel Welch's Regiment. He is said to be the best officer in the field. I believed the regiment leaves on Monday or Tuesday. Some of the boys do not fancy the idea of leaving camp for the field of active duties though we shall probably go to some place and pass through a thorough drill. They will fit us as fast as possible for the field. We have our Company now nearly full. Probably when Acley comes in with his men we shall have the full number 101. Tell the rest of the boys that think of coming into this Company they are too late, for the Company will be full before they get ready to come if they do not come sooner than they talked of when I was up there. We had a very nice time coming down, but I have not time to write much more at present. I gave Henry Crofut an order for $3.00 on B.V. Ogden with orders to pay J. S. Watrous $2.00 that he let me have the morning I left there.

I saw Isaac at Mansfield but forgot to speak to him about what he was owing me, but Henry will probably get it so that will be all right. Isaac was going home but said he had not heard anything from Ben, could not find where he was. You need not write to me again until you hear from me again for it is uncertain where we shall be. We may be where we cannot get your letters. Give my love to all enquiring friends and yourselves included so goodby for the present.

This from your ever Affectionate Son,
I. D. Strait

P.S. You will hear from me as soon as we get settled so that I can get an answer from you. J.D. Strait

You must write as soon as you get this.
From your son J. D. Strait