1862-06-11James Island, S.C.
James Island, S.C.

June 11th 1862

Dear Parents

It is with pleasure that I now take this pen to write a fiew lines to you, I wrote you last Tuesday but since then we have advanced a little way and our boys have had a litle skirmish with the Rebels. I thought probably you would be anxious on my account and to relieve your anxiety I improve the present opportunity to you to let you know that I am well. I hope these fiew lines will find you the same. I was not engaged in the fight. The night before I was detailed as guard with several other Elk Run boys so we were not in the engagement. The company went out on picket duty all except 24 of us the night we landed here and yesterday about 2 o'clock the enemy appeared in considerable force against part of the Cos, Co I and Co H, 100 in both Cos not exceeding that number. The fire commenced on the right first where the 77th Pa Vol that were out there fell back a short distance and the Rebels than came upon our two Co's, but our boys being ready gave them the first fire. When the engagement became general, our boys standing up like men not one of them flinched the least. They fired a fiew rounds when the Rebels retreated and the firing ceased, but they were not satisfied yet but rallied again and came upon our boys with more vengence than ever. The mudsills had but fairly got awake and the bullets flew so thick and their men fell so that they again fled, our boys not only holding their own ground but having force enough to follow upon the flying enemy there not being over 200 all told engaged on our side and as near as we can find out there were 700 of the 47th Regt Georgia Legions, the flower of the Southern army. The Rebel loss is as far as we can find out 700 killed and how many wounded we do not know for they probably carried them off as fast as they could. Among the dead found is one Col., one Lieu. Col., 2 Capt. The Lieu. Col. is reported wounded but we are not certain as his own men probably carried him off the field. Our boys behaved bravely. The Col. is very proud of them. He is now Brigadier General. He had to stay with the Brigade but said he knew our boys were doing well though he could not see them.

I was anxious to join the Co. but the Col. would not let us go for fear we would get hurt in getting up to the Co. Not one man in Co. I was hurt except George Hawk. He accidentally run a bayonet into his wrist in loading but thinks he can kill a Secesh yet. The boys all feel first rate but I must close now for my paper is about used up. I just read your letter last week of the 9th of May. It was probably delayed on the way for I read one letter last week and have answered it. As to that hardness between us boys it is all moonshine and would not have amounted to anything if the box had come. We did not think of speculating out of Elk Run boys. Josh is always getting up some trash so let him and his trash go with him. We care but little about it, but I must bid you good by for the present from your Affectionate Son.

J.D. Strait

Direct as usual.

The Mayer has just got back in time to join the fun for Charleston City.