1862-05-11Otter Island, S.C.
Otter Island, S.C.

May 11th, 1862

Dear Parents

Sabbath morning finds me engaged in answering your most welcome letter of April that I wrote to you in my last letter I had not rec'd, it came to hand a few days after I had written the other. The cake was somewhat jamed but nevertheless it tasted some of home and reminded me of that loved place. I should have answered this before but since I rec'd it and before I had time to answer it we rec'd marching orders and here we are upon Otter Island some forty miles from where we were upon Hilton Head Island, and while I am writing this the other Co. that are stationed here are out on inspection. I should have been out but I have been helping the cook for the past few days and the Capt. excused me from the inspection today. This is not as bad a place as I supposed it to be from what I had heard of it before we came up here. It is situated upon an island on the sea coast. We have a fair view of the sea. As far as the eye can extend it is a fine place for bathing and is well improved by the boys. We have fine times as we did up at our last station. There is no fruit or any kind of trees upon this island but a few. I have no time today to write a very long letter therefore I shall not give you a very good description of our situation. Probably in my next I will give you more full account of what we have got to do. We are to drill upon the guns in Fort Straton, a small fort on this island.

Sabbath Evening

Dear Parents

I am trying to finish this letter with a lead pencil. You must excuse me this time for I have no ink at hand. I have just read your welcome letter of April 29th and thought I would acknowledge it but will not consider it as an answer. I am so busy that I have not had time to do anything for myself. I am cooking and it takes me all the time to tend to that. I think I shall quit in the morning, then I shall get more time for myself. We are all well at present. George Russell of Addison, formerly is in Co F. He was here today. He has been in the reg't since we left Camp Curtin and I have seen him many times but did not know him until today when he came and spoke to me. It is nearly 9 o'clock so you must excuse the brevity of this and I will write soon again.

We have gained another splendid victory at Yorktown. The rebels have evacuated the place. I cannot give you the details of the affair. It is thought by some that this war will soon end but I fear they will be disappointed but I hope not. You spoke of my robbing myself of money. You kneed have no fear on that account. I have plenty of stamps. I do not want to keep any more money than what will last from one payday to another. I rec'd letters from Addison last week. They are well out there. If you can read this you will do well. Direct as before. So I must bid you good night again.

This from your Affectionate Son.

J.D. Strait