1862-04-10Pope's Plantation
Pope's Plantation

April 10th I862

Dear Parents

Once more I seat myself for the purpose of writing you a few lines. I am well and enjoying myself well. It has been but a few days since I wrote you last but we have drawn our pay since then and I have sent you $45. I sent it to Sherwood at the borough. I borrowed $20 from some of the boys that were not going to send any home. I thought probably the use of the money would be worth more to you than the interest would amount to until next pay day. The interest will not amount to much. This makes $80 that I have sent home and by the first of July I shall probably send enough to make up a hundred. If you get this letter before you make up that box and send it you may if you have a chance go to Searse's and get me a pair of double calf boots and send them with box. If you do not get this letter in time why let them go, if you get any get about sixty large size and if 7 get the smallest pair if you can find. I want a pair of heavy soled boots and soft pliable uppers. Tell Sears to send me as good a pair as he knows how to make. I will try and send you money enough to pay you for your trouble if I stay in the army long enough which I shall if this war is not ended soon.

Our men are shelling Fort Pulaski today. We can see the shells when they burst or either the smoke of them in the air. The fort can be seen with a glass. Our men will probably have a pretty hard fight to get possession of the fort though they have got the fort. surrounded by our fleet so that none can get to or from the fort. There is no more news that will interest you but I must close for we are to be relieved this afternoon and I have not time to write much more. You must write often and I will do the same. Direct as before. So good by for the present.

From your Affectionate Son.

J.D. Strait