1862-04-06Pope's Plantation
Popes Plantation

April 6th 1862

Dear Parents,

Sabbath again finds me seated at my table for the purpose of writing to you according to my custom. I am well and hope these few broken sentences may find you enjoying the same blessings. Those papers you sent me came shortly after the letter mailed at the same time. They came very acceptable as it is but very few papers that I get without paying double price for them at the fort. Marshall is again with us. He looks as natural as at the fort. Though I believe I told you about his arrival in my last letter. He is as healthy as I ever saw him at home. He was an eye witness of the battle between the Merremack and Monitor on the Chesapeak Bay at Fort Monroe according to his description of the fight it was a desperate contact; and but for the interference of that little iron clad boat the rebels must have realized a splendid victory. I have no news of importance to write at this time. There has been a fight at Beaufort or Port Royal Ferry as there was incessant volleys of cannon in that direction last week but we have not learned the particulars yet. I have not much to write therefore it will take me the shortest time to write it. Marshall and myself have concluded to have you and his parents put up a box of things to send to us. We concluded to have it sent together as it will cost less. You may send me 25 lbs. of butter or such and some maple shugar and cheese if you have any. You and M. Maynards folks may make up a box of 100 lbs as that will not cost much more. Send the amount of butter and some cheese if you have any, if not please make up the rest in shugar. I do not know as there is any more to send for at present and send the price of the articles with them. You had better send it by Adam's express. The butter will need to be put in an air tight vessel and the whole packed in a solid box. Direct the same as the letters. Supper is ready I must stop for the present.

After supper and here I am again but what to write I hardly know so I guess I won't write anymore. Please send those things as soon as possible, give my respect to all enquiring friends and reserve the greatest share for yourself. So good night. Write soon.

This from your Affectionate Son.

J .D. Strait