1862-02-20Pope's Plantation
Sabbath Feb. 20th 1862

Dear Parents

This most splendid morning again finds me seated for a chat with you. It has been just one week since I began this letter and I should have finished it before but have been waiting to hear from you and partly to get some news and partly because the boys told me there was no steamer to leave until after one came in, but I have learned since that there has been 2 or 3 left for N.C. since I commenced this. I have no more war news now than I had before but yesterday afternoon I rec'd a letter from you of Jan 5th 1862. I was glad to hear from you. I rec'd one from mother too. Your letters found me enjoying as good health as I ever enjoyed in my life. I am as tuff as a bear and as fat as a hog. I am sorry to hear that times are so hard. I have not got my pay yet. If I had I would send you some money in this letter or by express. I do not know when we will get our pay but 1 hope we shall get it before long. The boys are all well that came from Elk Run. You spoke of England coming. I do not think there is any danger of her coming. The last news we had, she had given up all thoughts of commencing war with us. If she does I think she will find all the Yankees are not gone yet. You said you did not write as often as you should if I got all your letters. You need not keep from writing on that account for I think I have got all your letters now. The reason for my not getting your letters, I was at the hospital and all the letters all came to the Reg't, but now I guess they all come direct. We occasionally hear the booming of distant cannon but nothing of importance.

Prayer Meetings are kept up yet I should like to have been up home to enjoy our quarterly meeting with you. I have not space to write much more this time. You must write as often as you can. That box you spoke of in your letter. You need not send any as it is uncertain about their coming. If I want one I will let you know. Dinner is most ready and I must bid you good night for the present. Keep up good courage. All will come out right in the end.

From your ever Affectionate Son.

J .D. Strait

Address Co I

Regt Col Welsh PA VOL

Port Royal, S.C.