1865-06-09Camp near Alexandria, Va.
Camp 45 P.V.V.

Near Alexandria, Va.

June 9th 1865

Dear Parents

Your most welcome letter of the 2nd inst came to hand this evening. I was very glad to hear from you once more. I see you have not forgotten me yet nor did I suppose you had forgotten me but you know one gets a little impatient in waiting for letters from home and time seems longer than it really is when we are so anxious for letters from our friends at home. I rec'd a letter from Annie with yours mailed at Gaines. I see she is down home now. You must not try to keep her all the time for I suppose her mother will think it hard to give her up altogether until after I get home though on your account I had rather she would stay with you. I think it would be better for her to remain with you. She says you are so lonsome when she is gone but never mind it will be our turn to go home one of these days then she will be with you all the time and we will see no more lonly days.

There is no news of importance going on here except troops are daily being mustered out of service. Yesterday we went down town with our old friends the 36 Mass Regt. It was like parting with brothers. They have been with us for three years through many hard fought battles and wherever we went they would follow us always in the same Brigade and if we had anything good we all had it but our old Regt is a sad reck of its former greatness. All the old boys are sleeping the long sleep of death, many of them on Southern soil. But few were permitted to lay their remains on their native sod where all the dearest memories cluster around the heart, but thank God, the war and fighting is over and soon we will all sing the homeward march and with free good will we'll raise the chorus as our own native hills appear in view. I rec'd a letter from Aunt Sallie today. She is well but very lonly. Oh how many sad hearts will soon be made to rejoice by the return of friends long absent but I must close, hoping to hear from you soon. It is now after 9 oclock and I must answer one more letter if not all three (I rec'd three) tonight. I am rather tired but will try to write a longer letter next time. Write soon to your ever Affectionate Son

J.D. Strait