1865-05-23Camp near Alexandria, Va.
Camp 45th P.V.V.

Near Alexandria, Va

May 23rd 1865

Dear Parents

Your most welcome letter of the 17th inst came to hand this evening, the first I have had since coming from home. I began to think you had forgotten me altogether but I am glad to find that you still remember an unworthy son. We have just returned from that grand review. We went over to Washington yesterday and returned today after passing in review down Pa. Avenue. It was a grand scene. I wish you would have been there. It would have been well worth seeing. If I were capable I would give you a description of the proceedings but if I find a paper containing an account of the review I will send it to you.

Yesterday the heat was very oppressive. I came near being sun stroke but today the sky was clear and the wind blew cool and nice so that we stood the march back to camp very well and I do not regret the fatigue of the march in the least, for the sight well paid me for my trouble. You may give up all hopes of my getting home very soon for the report is current here that we are going to Texas. All the rest of the army belonging to the army of the Potomac is going home. The lst and 2nd Division is going to Texas so you need not look for me any more this summer. I have no other news that will interest you. When you write please give me all the news and tell me how you are getting along with your work and how everything goes up there with you, but I must answer Annie's letter tonight, therefore I must be brief for it is near bedtime and I want to write other letters tonight. Please write soon and often as convenient to your Affectionate Son

J .D. Strait