1865-05-02Camp near Alexandria, Va.
Camp near Alexandria, Va.

April May 2nd 1865

Dear Parents

This pleasant aftemoon finds me trying to write you a few lines. I wrote you a short note Sunday and sent in Anna's letter. I should have written a longer letter but it was late when I commenced. We had to be mustered but when we get pay I do not know. How long we shall stay here in very uncertain. There are so many reports afloat one does not know what to believe, but I think we shall all be home this fall if not sooner. There is an order to discharge all men not actually in the field and whether we will be classed among the number of idlers I do not know, but if nothing happens to bring a reverse to our armies the war is at an end. Johnston has already surrendered all that is left in Augusta, Ga. and I dont think that he will hold out much longer. I see by a letter Walter received from Marion the report is circulating around there of our Corps going to Texas but we have heard nothing of any such order and I do not think we shall. I am in hopes we shall be home in time for haying. If you have not already let that grass you had better wait until I find out something more certain about what we are going to do or what is going to be done with us.

I saw the boys of the 1st Pa Vols. Miles Watrous is well. Ethan Taft is tough and hearty. I do not blame the boys for finding fault with our recruits but they are more than I expected to find them. Charley Hart is with us. He is going to stay until we go home. We are all well pleased with that arrangement.

Our boys did not lose many in the last battle, only two or three wounded. I presume you have heard before this of the capture and death of the assasin Booth and Harold, one of his accomplices. They have all of the vilains now. I hope they will hang the whole kit of them. I have nothing more of importance to write. My respects to all. Please write soon and direct to Co I 45th Pa VV, Washington, D.C. I do not think it will be long before I shall be home. Good by for the present.

Your Son

J.D. Strait