1864-09-22Camp 45th Regt P.V.V.
Camp 45th Regt P.V.V.

Sept. 22nd 1864

Dear Parents

Your most welcome letter of the 13th came to hand this morning. I was glad to hear from you again as I always am to hear from dear friends at home. I read those two Rurals that Mother sent me when she wrote last but my paper does not come from the office yet. I guess we had better let it go. I think with you that the war will speedily close, then I can peruse our favorite paper at leisure. I sent you $120 by Col Hills. I presume he will be home long ere this reaches you. He will keep the money until called for by yourself. You must use what money I send home the same as if it were your own, for it is yours to do as you see fit with. There is a colt for sale at a Mr. Barnes in Mixtown belonging to A.C. Ellsworth of our Co. He says he cannot keep it this winter. I intended to have written about it before. You can go look at it, when you get time and if it suits you and if you and Mr. Barnes agree upon the price let me know and I will buy it off Abe, but if you find any you like better buy them. If you can find any sheep for any reasonable price and have keeping for them, you had better buy some this fall. I presume there will be plenty for sale and at a reasonable price at Addison. Aunt Hat writes that hay is a total failure there and grass but little better. Perhaps you would do better to purchase Colts out there but do as you think best for you know better than I do. Oh how I would like to be there now. I would give the Copperheads soreheads if they did not keep low. It makes me angry every time I think how they are conducting themselves and how they are trying to keep men from enlisting to help crush the Rebels. If they like the greybacks so well, let them join the Rebel army and we will be happy to know we are fighting Northern traitors. They can get a taste of true Northem steel but enough of this for l don't fear much for honest Abe. He will carry the majority of the Soldiers votes. I think you said you wished that drop of blood on your last letter was the last drop of mankind. I think you made a slight mistake. I don't class Copperheads as Rebels among the various species of creation but class by themselves of the lowest most vile trecherous debased fiends, true Children of his Satanic Majesty. Perhaps I am wrong but I think I have written about all that I think will interest you.

We have the best of news from the Shenandoah Valley. Sheridan has completely routed the enemy and is following them up, but I presume you have already read the news. I do not know that I have any more to write that will interest you. Please give my respects to all who may be interested, reserving the greater share for yourselves. From your ever Affectionate Son

J .D. Strait

To My Parents Ethan and Julania Strait PS I rec'd those stamps. They are very acceptable. JDS