1864-09-16Camp 45th Regt P.V.V.
Camp 45th Regt P.V.V.

Sept. 16th, 1864

Dear Parents

Your most welcome letter of the 7th inst came to hand this morning. I can assure you it was a welcome messenger for I had not heard from you in so long I did not know but you were sick or dead but I am glad to hear that you are still alive and well. I wrote to you yesterday and sent the letter by Col. Hills. He will probably mail the letter from Wellsboro. I also sent the $120.00 by him for you to be delivered when called for. When you receive the letter I sent by him, you can go to the Boro and get the money. You spoke of using some of my money. Whenever you want to use money and have any of mine on hand, use it the same as your own. I do not send the money home to ly idle. I send it for you to use for whatever purpose you see fit. l am not at all alarmed for the future. If I am so fortunate as to get out of the Service alive, I will try to make a living in some way that care for the future does not alarm me further than your comfort and happiness is concerned.

This morning we were greeted by the pickets firing caused by the Johnies charging upon them. Our breastworks were answering with men in a twice anxiously awaiting the issue of events, all hoping the Rebels would be presumptuous enough to try our mettle, but they were too wise to approach our lines further than to drive in the pickets in front of our left and the right of the fifth Corps. The firing did not rage long. A few vollies were exchanged between the pickets where a double line of skirmishers were sent out and an occasional shot is fired along the left of our lines while I am writing. We were all anxious to see the Johnies show themselves along our front. It would have been a pleasure to have stood behind our works and picked them off as they advanced to charge us but they were not so easily drawn on. They fear Yankey steel and lead. l think there will be a heavy battle here within a month and it may be sooner, but I think Genl Grant will throw his line across the South side road before many days as soon as he gets sufficient force to warent success. We have all the confidence in the ability of Genl Grant to accomplish whatever he undertakes if he only has what troops he wants. l am still of the opinion that this war will end before another year is up. Everything looks favorable. We have to work rather hard now, but that will soon be over. The RR is completed from City Point to the extreme left of our lines and they are building a corduroy road for teams along the same line of the RR and we are strongly fortified so that the enemy cannot drive us back with all his forces if the men will stand to the work and I think they will. The army in general is in good spirits. I think that the majority will vote for ABRAHAM for our next president though I do not know but McClellan will be elected but doubt it very much. I do not know that I have anything more to write that will interest you. I rec'd those stamps this morning. I am very much obliged for them. The boys from Elk Run are all well. My respects to all from your ever Affection Son

J .D. Strait

PS. I will send you a photograph of Lieut. D.C. Hory of our Co who was killed at Coal Harbor June 6th, 1864.