1864-09-05Camp 45th Regt P.V.V.
Camp 45th Regt P.V.V.

Sept. 5th 1864

Dear Parents

This pleasant Monday afternoon finds your unworthy son trying to write you a few lines to let you know that I am still alive and well. I have not rec'd any letters from you yet this week. It is hardly time to get one yet but I expect one within a day or two. Col. Hills has not gone home yet. He says he shall go before many days, perhaps a week or two. I think it better to wait until he goes than risk it by mail. Nothing of Importance going on here. Every day is dull but how long the appparent inactivity will last I do not know. There is some flying reports here of our being relieved and going to the Middle department. If Genl Burnside takes command then I think without a doubt that we will go with him but the prospect looks slim for us to get very far from here very soon. I have nothing of importance to write and if I do not write a very interesting letter you will please excuse me for this time.

Yesterday I was down to the 2nd P. Cavalry. I saw old Bill Folkner from the Cowanesque and several of the boys from Osceola and other towns along the river. I do not feel much like writing so I will close for the Present. I will try to finish this in the evening if nothing occurs to prevent. Good by for the present.


Dear Parents

It is evening and I am seated at our little stand to finish this letter but I have nothing to write. Yesterday I rec'd a letter from Aunt Sallie. She writes that the Copperheads declare that Lincoln shall not be elected this fall. They are bound to elect any man that will Compromise with the South to bring about a peace at any rate or any sacrifice of honor but barking dogs never bite so I think we have but little to fear from such class of men but we have everything to fear from a certain class of men at the North, those that are lying close and doing everything in their power by their influence and actions to defeat all that we have accomplished by the last three years and a half fighting. If they succeed this fall, we are sure to lose all that we have gained, all the noble blood that has been spilled will be lost and if they do gain their point, in a few years this bloody war will be upon us again with tenfold force. I hope and pray that our Northern people will awake to their situation and use every effort to sustain President Lincoln and reelect him this fall and when this war is settled let it be settled honorably.

I hate the life of a Soldier but rather than this war should be brought to a dishonorable close I would rather spend my lifetime in service let it be long or short but we will trust in God for future good. I must bring my letter to a close. Please write often as convenient to your ever Affectionate Son

J.D. Strait