1864-07-07Near Petersburg, Va
Camp 45th Regt Pa. Vet. Vols.

near Petersburg, Va.

July 7th/64

Dear Parents

This pleasant July morning finds me trying to answer your most welcome letter of June 28th which came to hand this morning and was perused with the greatest of pleasure. I wrote you on the 4th inst should have delayed writing this for a day or two but tonight the Regt goes to the front and I may have to go with them and if I do there would be no chance of writing before the first of next week and we do not know what this time may bring forth, everything here now is so uncertain that one doesn't know in what moment he may be called out to the field of action. [ ... ] of [ ... ] going over to the 181 Regt this afternoon to see some of the boys over there. I see by the paper that the Rebels are very determined to [ ... ] toward our State again and my turn may come next, but it is on our own soil but such I presume will not be the case for I understand that one division from [ ... ] Corps are to be sent North for the purpose of replacing the invaders but how I do not know. I presume not [ ... ] but [ ... ] in front of their line and fire [ ... ] fortunately [ ... ] for Penna. We will take Richmond and follow up his lead and trap him so quick that he will freeze to death. There is nothing of interest going on here. The siege is progressing but how it will turn out I do not know. Things are again in our favor at the moment [ ... ] they are not killed. I wrote you in two letters before this about my bounty. I presume you have it before this time. I sent a certificate from the Commander of the Co. stating that I am credited to Tioga Co., Gaines township. I do not know what source to [ ... ] about it [ ... ] until the State pays it for I understand the authorities of state have teken it up [ ... ] that do not get their county bounty are to get it from the state. I do not know how true it is but I think you will have no trouble getting it sometime. [ ... ] We have to [ ... ] you this pay [ ... ] sentiment [ ... ] after this campaign [ ... ] be safe [ ... ] I shall get a check for [ ... ] if possible [ ... ] I have rec'd only one copy of the Rural [ ... ] but did not come through. I wish I could get papers sent from home. What the cause is I do not know but I presume some appropriate them to their own use. I wished the papers would come for it would help to while away many lonly hours very pleasantly. My health continues good. Please write often as convenient to your Affectionate Son

J .D. Strait

[ ... ] Words omitted illegible in the handwritten text