1863-11-08Camp Lenoir, Tenn.
Sunday afternoon Nov 8th 1863

Dear Parents

I intended to have finished this letter, but I was on guard so I did not get a chance to write. The mail came in today and I was in hopes of getting a letter today saying there had been no letters from this Reg't in 5 weeks. I think there must have been some delay on the route for I have written nearly every week since we came into this state. When at Knoxville I sent you $5.00 in a letter but have not heard from it yet. The route is so long that it takes a long time for a letter to go through. We have had no more news from the Army of the Potomac direct for some time past. Our troops under Genl. Wilcox have had a fight near Greenville. Wilcox lost 800 men and one new battery and night before last the 3rd Brigade of our division sent up to help those new troops out of danger. Nearly all of Wilcox's are six months men and green. They are not like old troops to the fight. New Regts. fight well in the first engagement but they are not drilled and disciplined troops, and disciplined troops are worth 2 to l of undisciplined troops in a fight. The prospect is fair now for the RR to be opened through to Nashville this winter. The report is that Genl Hooker is coming through to the rear of the Rebels. If that is true we will see good time this winter after the road is opened. I do not know that I have any more to write at this time. Please write often as convenient. My respects to all enquiring friends. This from your unworthy son

J.D. Strait

Direct to Knoxville, Tenn.

via Cincinnati, Ohio