1863-10-14Camp near Knoxville, Tenn.
Oct. 14 1863

Dear Parents

I presume you will think ere this reaches you that l do not intend to write to you any more. When I commenced this letter I did not think it would be so long that I would not get a chance to write but the same night after I put up my writing about midnight, we got orders to march and I had not time to finish this letter. We left Camp on the morning of the 3rd and took the cars for Bull's Gap where we arrived that night at 5 P.M. The next day we marched about 4 miles and encamped and remained until the morning of the 10th when we moved forward to the enemy's lines which distant were about 5 miles. We drove them from their position. Darkness only prevented our capturing the whole force that night. They fled under cover of the night. We pursued them 22 miles and left our cavalry following them toward Virginia. We were very fortunate and did not have as many hurt and injured in the engagements as some of the other Cos lost but I have not time to give the details of the fight now for the mail leaves in a short time and l want to get this in in time to go out. Walter is here. l got the stamps but the apples were spoiled as he was so long on the road. We only got into camp last night about 4 o'clock so you will excuse the brevity of this and I will write soon again and give you a long letter. Marshall is dead. He died in the Hospital at Camp Nelson. The rest of the boys are all at Camp Nelson. The rest of the boys are all well that are with us. John Beach is not here, he is sick at Crab Orchard, Ky. I do not know how he is getting along. Please excuse poor writing and mistakes. Enclosed you will find $5 .00. I had thought to send more but I do not know as it will go through from here and five is all I will send now. I did not send but $15.00 and that I see you never received.

Please write often as convenient to your Affectionate Son

J .D. Strait

Direct to Knoxville, Tenn.