1863-09-27Camp near Knoxville, Tenn.
Camp near Knoxville, Tenn.

Sept. 27th 1863

Dear Parents

It is with pleasure that I once more try to write a few lines to you. I have but little time to write consequently shall write but little today. We arrived here yesterday at noon having completed march of 149 miles. We could not send our letters out on the march so I have written but one since we started. That I mailed at Morriston, the only chance we had for sending mail. It is the report that Rosecrans has taken 12,000 prisoners. The Rebels acknowledge a loss 5000 killed and the above amount of prisoners. If that is correct the Rebels have about given up in this part of Rebeldom. l hope the war will end this fall and winter if possible for l am tired of Soldiering.

I would give you a description of our march but have not time today, and send this by mail this afternoon. If we move from here in the morning we may not get a chance to send letters very soon.

The people in this State are rallying nobly to the support of the Old flag. A great many of the Tennesseans that were conscripted by the Rebels have deserted and joined the Yankees as they call us. This state, if she could cast a vote now would come back to the Union very quick, but I must hurry and finish this or I shall be too late again. My respects too all enquiring friends and write often as convenient to your unworthy but Affectionate Son

J .D. Strait

Direct To Knoxville, Tenn.