1861-12-10Fortress Monroe
Fortress Monroe Dec 10th 1861

Dear Parents

Thinking perhaps you might be anxious to hear how I am getting along, so I thought I would improve the present opportunity of writing to you. I am in the hospital at the fort or just outside the fort. I am getting along very well. I am about well of the measles so that I am up and around and shall soon be able to join our reg't which left here last Friday and I with quite a number of others had to be left behind. There were about 83 of our reg't left at the hospital. The measles have raged pretty well in our reg't, but have not heard of any one dying with them here yet, when if we were under the same treatment at home we should die, but here the boys all seem to get along first rate. When we were in camp we had to lay on the damp ground and take such care as we could get, which was very poor at best, but you must not grumble at my poor writing for my hand is not very steady yet. I sent $15 home to you by Major Killborn. I do not know if you have got it yet. I was not able to write so I got Henry to write for me. Our pay was a long while coming but was very acceptable when it did come. I only drew pay up to the first of Nov. so you see it leaves us over one months pay due yet. It will not be quite a month until our next pay day comes, which is the first of Jan. Thomas and Charley Edison are here with me or somewhere about the hospital. I have seen Charley several times but have not seen Thomas yet. I shall try to find him today if I can. He was threatened with fever. He is in another part of the building. Our regt is at Port Royal by this time and I wish I was there with them. If anything will make one homesick it is to lie on one's back sick with no one to care for you. At least I have not been homesick until I came into the hospital, not a solitary face that I ever saw before and all sick together. I tell you it made me think and wish myself at home, but when I am well I do not mind anything about being away from home so much. I do not think there is any doubt but my health will soon be as good as ever and I shall soon be as fat as a bear. You must write often for you do not know how much good it does me to hear from home. I have received but one letter since I left home. I presume there are a lot of letters directed to Washington. We never get them for the P.M. does not send them on to the reg't as he ought to, but I think our letters from this place will follow the reg't. I have not much more to write this morning that will interest you, but be sure to write often and I will do the same and direct as follows until further direction is given.

Company I
45 Reg't Col Welsh Pa. V.
Fortress Monroe, Va.

This from your Affectionate Son.
J.D. Strait