1863-08-18Ward C 3 US General Hospital Ohio
Ward C 3 US General Hospital Ohio

Wednesday Aug 18th 1863

Dear Parents

After another long space of time I am writing to you. I am now in the General Hospital near Cincinnati, though not sick at present. I was taken with the bilious fever the night after we left Memphis on the boat. When we arrived at Cairo, I did not feel able to ride on the cars, crowded as we generally are, so the doctors marked me for the Hospital boat that was coming up the river. I expected to be well enough by the time we arrived at Cincinnati but when we got to that place the Regt had been gone 12 hours and the Surgeon in charge turned us all over to the Medical Director. He sent all to Camp Dennison where the hospital is situated. We expected to get to the Reg't in a few days but the prospect of getting away from here are nil. I don't like the idea of staying from the Reg't but cannot help myself. The Reg't are somewhere near Hickman Bridge, Ky.

There is nothing of interest to write about. Our trip from Vicksburg there were only 3 Sgts and Benjamin's battery on the boat we came up on. You can imagine whether we were crowded or not. It is a wonder that not more of us were sick but most of the boys stood it well. I am about as well at heart now as when I left Miss.

There is a large hospital here and well filled. Many of the sick are sent here from the SWD. Our Corps left all of her sick at Cincinnati and vicinity. I have no war news to communicate at present. The Rebels are very quick in the West of late and I have heard nothing from Charleston lately and I suppose you hear more from the Army of the Potomac than we do here. I hardly know what to write that will interest you or whether to write any more or not. The reason of my not writing more after we left Jackson and went back to Snyders Bluff we were expecting to go North every day and it took so long for letters to get through from there that I thought it would be just as well to wait until we got to Ky. I would like to get home but there is no prospects of this war ending very soon and to try to get a furlow would be insanity. We might as well ask of the wind expecting to receive an answer as to ask for a furlow expecting to have it granted but I guess I have written enough, as much at least as you can read in one noon spell. My respects to all enquiring friends. Please write as often as convenient to your ever Affectionate Son

J .D. Strait

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