1863-03-08Camp near Newport News, Va.
Camp near Newport News, Va.

March 8th 1863

Dear Parents

Sabbath afternoon and I am seated not at the stand but upon my bunk with my knapsack for my table but one gets used to any kind of table. I rec'd your letter of the 25th, day before yesterday but we have been so busy lately that we get but little time to do anything else but drill and fix for inspection reviews then nothing else going on but drills and fixings of the like. My hand trembles so that I shall not write a long letter today. There is nothing else but reviews and inspections going on so l shall have but little to write that will interest you. It seems by your letter that you have not rec'd any of my letters written since we came here. I have written 4 or 5 before this. I presume we shall stay here some time, everything seems favorable for it now. That box you may send, if not already, send as soon as possible. I have written before what I wished sent besides what you choose to send of your own choice. It is about time we were paid off and I wish the man that carries the papers would come around and hand over $52.00 to each of us but the drum is rolling for something and I presume it is for us to fall in for something. I will stop writing and bid you good by hoping to hear from you soon again. Please excuse my poor writing and I will try to do better next time. My respects to all.

This from your Affectionate Son.