Mary Tries To Keep The House Orderly 1905 - 1917


Mary tried to instill her desire for orderliness into our household but with five younger siblings--it was not to be. She would go to great pains to clear the table of its endless piles of dishes, repeatedly used knives peanut butter and butter dishes. The bread was wrapped and put away.

They were no sooner out of sight, when one of the younger children was back at the table ready to slice another piece of bread and looking to add Ma's home made butter and peanut butter.

The younger children objected to Mary's imposed rules of orderliness. ''But Ma we're hungrily”. Ma and Pa agreed with them, ''A home is to be enjoyed, Although we don't have a lot of money, the children must know that there will be food for them".

It was Pa's command "The bread and peanut butter must always be on the table".

Mary finally gave up. The breads, knives, peanut butter, and jelly Jars would persist,along with the dirty dishes and faces.

The relaxed attitude of my parents in regard to the table top held true for the rest of the house, and our home was in a constant state or disarray.