Edible Treats Like Salted Lima Beans


Like all kids we had voracious appetites. There was no such thing as junk food. There were no Mc Donalds or Pizza Huts etc. Even worse there were no candy or chips machines. The Company Store did sell candy, but this was off limits. Ma didn't shop there for many reasons and my brothers were always quick to point out that their prices were too high.

We had our own treats. Bread, butter, peanut butter and jams were always on the table and readily available. Another special treat was Ma's salted lime beans. She would buy big dried lime beans, soak them over night and then boil them in salt water until they were soft and chewy. They were then drained and salted to taste. They did taste a lot like boiled salted peanuts and they always disappeared in a hurry.

In the summer the ice cream man would occasionally visit the patches. The sound of his ringing bells was always exciting. Ice cream was a penny per cone. Unfortunately, there were many times when there just weren't enough pennies to go around. The ice cream man was also wise enough to know that pay days were the best days for sales

A Tribute To Coal Oil Lamps 1905-1917


I often wonder why there weren't any fires in Morea. There was no electricity, and everyone had to rely on coal oil lamps for light.

We had four coal oil lamps; and as a kid I remember lighting one of the lamps each night and leading the younger children up the stairs to bed, setting the lamp on the floors and turning the fuse low.

At night, if anyone had to venture out for any reason or to see a friend, they had to take their lanterns with them. There were no street lights, just the stars the moon and the tiny sparks of, light from hundreds of coal oil lamps emanating from our homes.

Keeping the lamps filled with coal oil was a chore assigned to the eldest daughters. Mary and I took turns filling the lamps and cleaning the smudged glass chimneys with soap and old, paper or cloth.

Electricity was something that had already been introduced to the cities. Many years passed before it became a reality for the patches.

Now we just flick a button. Like indoor plumbing; it is taken for granted. I oft times think about those days, and give thanks for our many conveniences and blessings that I could never imagine possible.