It Was Time For The Cow To See "The Bull''


There was a time when our two cows would act strangely. One cow would try to climb upon the other from behind. Pa would have to pull them apart and then separate them. A conversation would ensue to which I was not privy. All I knew was what I was told, ''lt is time for the cow to see the bull ".

The next day: Pa would tie a lead rope to the cows collar and start down the winding mountainous path, past other patch houses, to a small farm, outside Mahanoy City, where ''the bull'' resided. The farmer would pen the two together for a day or so after which Pa was advised that our cow was ready to go home.

This was a yearly routine, and there were a few years when I gladly accompanied Pa on his journey. It seemed like a time of merriment. The men we passed would smile, tip their has and say, ''Ah I see Jacob, it's time for the cow to see the bull". Pa would agree and smile back.

Once I understood what the ritual entailed I was much too embarrassed to talk about it--let alone to walk the path! But I did think about it. As Ma said "Without the bull there would be no calf, no milk, butter or cheese. Nature has it's own way of caring for us". It all made sense.