We currently have 3 Family Sites :

The Malinowski Family

On this site you will find
1. Images of the Ted and Matilda Wood Scrapbook prepared by Nancy Wood for their Memorial Service.
2. Family Stories compiled by Catherine Silliman Fontaine from the remembrances of Agnes Beninsky Silliman.
3. A Genealogy of the decendents of ANTOINETTE MILANOWSKI (1875-1917)

The Sage Family

On this site you'll find
Te Reunion Scrapbook for 2005, 2010 and 2015.

Civil War Letters by Justice Daniel (JD) Strait

On this site you'll find
Letters written by JD as a soldier. On September 21, 1861, Justus enlisted, first for four months, then for the duration, Company I, 45th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry of the 9th Division of the Union Forces.